Fiber laser in a compact design with many practical advantages

The BOSCHERT Fiber Laser is available in two sizes, 3015 and 4020 with a working range of 1500 x 3000 mm or 2000 x 4000 mm. Selectively these can be equipped with a 1 kW, 2 kW or a 4 kW fiber laser from our long-time plasma and laser technology partner Kjellberg. The unique design results in very good accessibility when loading and unloading the machine table, which also has a part chute for the immediate discharge of cut pieces. These workpieces can be up to 350 x 1500mm and are reliably discharged over the entire table width. Our design eliminates the problematic tipping of small, cut workpieces, which increases process reliability and ensures fast access to those workpieces. In addition, waste products are transported via a second conveyor belt into a waste container which is located on the operator side.

Operational convenience for greater productivity and efficiency

The precise cutting system and the practical clamping concept also allow working on sheets as small as 500 x 50 mm, thus giving a very high degree of material utiliz- ation. The sheet metal is clamped by a freely selectable number (max. up to 4) of pneumatic clamps guided on a ball screw. The whole cutting unit travels and positions via a rack-and-pinion drive in the X-axis. For the operator it is also an advantage that the maintenance opening for the laser head (for example for changing the nozzle) is arranged on the front, reducing the down time of the machine and increasing productivity. The laser head is moved and positioned quickly and precisely in the Y axis with a drive combination of ball screw spindle and linear guides.

1 kW, 2 kW and 4 kW for quality - and separating cuts

Cutting database – setting of all parameters
The fiber laser systems of the XFocus series are equipped with an integrated technology database for selecting the optimum cutting parameters. The user can choose from up to nine different cutting speeds depending on material and thickness. The complete cutting process with hole and edge cutting regime can be loaded from the database. All required parameters such as gas pressure, height control and the setting of the motoric focal position of the laser head are available on demand.

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