Industry 4.0

What is industry 4.0?
As industry 4.0, is defined the rise of new digital industrial technology, a transformation that makes possible to gather and analyze data across machines.


Industry 4.0 Principles:

  • Interconnection of machines, devices, sensors and people via the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Information Transparency is permitting the collection and analysis of a tremendous volume of data about maintenance, performance and other issues.
  • Technical Assistance for the aggregation and visualization of information for making informed decisions and solving urgent problems on short notice.
  • Decentralized Decision as the ability of cyber-physical systems(CPS) to make simple decisions. Endorsing CPS self-awareness.




Easy Implementation of Client


  • Data availability is implemented according to international standards

Easy Access to Data

  • All information collected in a SQL database
  • Connectivity to ERP systems, according to standards

Easy Connection to Current


  • Integrated WiFi – No need for cables

Easy to Use

  • Graphical Data representation
  • Graphic Only user interface - language independent

Secure Password Protected and Encrypted Connection


bend 1

bend 2

Boschert Gizelis G-Electrobend

The G-ElectroBend is equipped with the Boschert Gizelis Monitor App.
Providing the production statistics, current status of the production
cycle and alarm events:

  • Number of produced pieces
  • Characteristics per working cycle (tonnage per cycle, piece thickness etc.)
  • Cycle times
  • Power consumption
  • Machine’s Current status (maintenance, alarm, automatic etc.)
  • Alarms and Warnings


  • Maintenance management
  • Precise prediction of machine’s health, to gain near-zero downtime
  • Instant warning in the case of malfunction

Laptop 03

Remote Services
Boschert Gizelis provides the ability to remote access the G-ElectroBend.

Provision of Remote Services:

  • Allows the study of collected data to provide a thoughtful solution, before the arrival of our technical staff.
  • Reduces the Service response time.
  • Permits the remote update of the software and Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Eliminates the need of physical presence of the technical staff on the factory.




Dealers Map

gizelis map

After-Sale Services

arrow Teleservice 5 days a week.

arrow Service stations 5 days a week.
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