Gizelis SA has been manufacturing hydraulic swing beam shears for over 50 years. Gizelis shears have always been top of the line with sturdy machine elements that ensure a lifetime of trouble-free operation. With the same philosophy our new line of servo electric shears is manufactured. This new type of shear brings Gizelis shears to the new millennium and introduces a new state of the art.

ENERGY EFFICIENT | Up to 50% compared to hydraulic shears of any kind.

FAST & PRODUCTIVITY | Fast and productive. With speeds that can reach up to real 40cuts /min.

INTRINSICALLY SAFE | The guillot ine is mounted on springs and thus in the event of failure it moves upwards.

ENVIRONMENTALLY | There is no oil used and thus no problems related to its exchange / disposal etc.

UNIQUE CONTROL | Unique control features. Gizelis software provides many functions that are not present on other shears.

USER FRIENDLY | Very easy to commission and operate Oil free, thus no leaks and virtually zero maintenance.

UNIQUE SHEET SUPPORT | The sheet support systems utilizes a hybrid belt/pneumatic drive that can bring full length pieces to the front of the shear, thus increasing productivity like no other shear.

COST EFFECTIVE | A quillot ine shear with variable rake angle at a very competitive price.






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