HOFEKA Kft., established in 1888, is active in 2 main areas. It is noteworthy that the entire Hungarian electricity network has been supported with its equipment. It also has three facilities: the R&D and logistics departments are located near Budapest, and the two production plants near Austria.  In fact, it is considered a pioneer in its field and the largest of its kind in Eastern Europe. The company enjoys recognition and popularity both throughout Europe and the Middle East.


👷Continuing the expansion of its business activities, it took over from the Greek company Gizelis S.A. through its agent "Metal Trading" an advanced technology hydraulic press brake, the  G Turbobend 1540 which is considered the fastest in the world market.

⚙ G Turbobend technical characteristics:

✅Capacity: 40tn

✅Working length:1550mm



✅Computer Cybelec Visipac

✅Rear guide 2 axes, x-r

✅ROL1, vertical change and tool reversal

✅Safety system, IRIS lasersafe



📈Gizelis S.A. has been providing exceptional quality sheet metal processing machinery for 50 years and is committed to continue to be a top choice for projects in Europe and beyond.


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Schimatari Viotias, 32009,
Kormatzini Area
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0030 22620 58675
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