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The problem ► What you design in not what you produce!
Why? ► Because, the unfolding and cutting process does not take under consideration bending parameters (e.g. available tools, tools radius, etc.).
The solution ► BG-soft combines the BG-soft Cut and BG-soft Bend in one unified environment. In this way every aspect of the manufacturing process (bending and cutting) is calculated, thus.

What you what you get!!

BG-soft bend is an application for programming and simulating Boschert Gizelis press brakes, used for maximizing production resources. BG-soft bend enables offline generation of bend sequences and tooling setups, with dynamic 3D simulation for checking collisions of the part with tools, fingers and machine components.


  • Direct part transfer from SolidWorks, Solid Edge and Inventor
  • Importing and unfolding of IGES and STEP 3D parts
  • Automatic and manual tool selection based on material, machine and tool properties
  • Automatic and manual bend sequencing with collision detection
  • Automatic and manual fingerstop positioning with graphic control of all axes
  • Automatic retraction calculation
  • 3D simulation of the bending process with collision detection
  • Native NC generation enables direct loading of programs to the machine control
  • Comprehensive Setup Reports for the machine operator including bend sequence, tooling and bend-by-bend graphics




BG-soft bend enhances your productivity with:

  • Faster design-to-production times with automated features
  • Offline programming means minimal machine down-time
  • Collision-less bend sequences mean reduced stock wastage
  • BG-soft bend tool library is compatible to available tooling resulting in production-ready Setup Reports




3D Simulation and Collision Detection
Efficient Tool Selection
Bend Sequence Selection
Fingerstops Positioning

Setup Reports:

Comprehensive Setup Reports include:

  • Bend sequence instructions
  • Tool setup details
  • Product handling
  • Bend-by-bend graphics

From the idea... to reality..

BG-soft cut is the only system that integrates CAD/CAM capabilities in the same module:
Geometry, dimensions and technology (punching/cutting) are completely associative – when the geometry is modified, the dimensions and technology update automatically!



Automatic Nesting
BG-soft cut offers optimal material utilization with AutoNest – cnc automatic nesting module.
AutoNest is a powerful True Shape nesting tool offering versatile methods for automatic and manual nesting to achieve the best possible nesting solutions.

3D CAD Interface
The CAD Link module enables one-click real-time transfer of parts from 3D CAD packages to BG-soft cut.
Parts can be transferred from SolidWorks®, Solid Edge®, Autodesk® Inventor® , PTC Creo®, and Vertex® G4, using an on-line associative link, bypassing the need for intermediate files such as DXFs.

BG-soft cut has a very powerful, easy to use 2D drafting module. In addition to a full set of drafting tools, BG-soft cut supports special sheet metal drafting aids and geometry validation to automatically detect and correct unclosed contours.


Punch Technology

The Punching module supports:

  • Auto-Punch
  • Special Tools
  • Auto-Indexing
  • Automatic Reposition
  • Common Cuts

Cutting Technology

The Cutting module supports:

  • Auto-Cut
  • Contour Check and Correction
  • Beam Width definition and Auto Compensation
  • Art Parts
  • Corner Loops and Corner Slow Down
  • Z axis control
  • Open Contour Cutting

Data Reports
Detailed production reports for individual parts, nesting solutions and costing estimation, using fully customizable templates with barcode.



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