The ideal combination:  Punching  and Fiber Laser cutting

The  trend  in  manufacturing  is  to  make  components that are lighter in weight, use less material, conserve resources and integrate functionality.  As such, customers are working with thinner sheet structures.  Boschert  has  expanded  its  successful  “Combi”  series of machines to include fiber laser. In close cooperation with our partner, Kjellberg  Finsterwalde,  Boschert  has  added  the   Kjellberg Xfocus 1000 fiber laser to its CNC punching line.The CombiLaser series is available with working ranges from 1000 x 2000mm to 1500 x 3000mm.  Now customers can produce complex parts on a single machine without repositioning.

Safety & Security
Boschert  has  developed  a  security  concept  for the fiber laser in cooperation with the BG professional  association.  Optionally  the  machine  can be also equipped with a sight protection device.

The Boschert CombiLaser combines the advantages of high quality laser cutting with the unique features of CNC punching.  In the past, complex contours could only be cut on a flat sheet laser.  Operations  such  as  forming,  beading,  trimming  and threading required a separate CNC punch. Now Boschert introduces the CombiLaser, combining the best qualities of both operations. Boschert’s fiber laser system can be mounted to any of Boschert‘s standard line of CNC punching machines,  which  allows  the  customer  to  purchase  the machine that best matches his requirements.

Programmable removal of small parts:

Finished parts on the CombiLaser can be quickly unloaded by means of two separate CNC controlled  parts  chutes.    The  part  chutes  are  positioned directly in front of the fiber laser head and are 150mm square and 670mm square.

Our system Components:

Fiber Laser
Solid-state laser XFocus 1000

LC (Laser-Control)
Automatic adjustment of parameters according to selection at the Boschert control.

Gas control LGV (Laser-Gas-Supply)
Provision of gases according to parameter selection type and pressure

LPH (Laser Processing Head)
• Laser cutting head with automatic focus position
• Display of protection glasses dirtiness at LC menu
• Cutting and marking with the same consumables
• Axis with height control unit KHC 4 LAS
• Integrated cooling system 

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