The new line of servo electric press brakes features higher productivity, accuracy and reliability than ever
before and in the meantime the operational and maintenance costs are unprecedentedly low.


ENERGY EFFICIENT | Up to 50% compared to conventional hydraulic press brakes.

FAST | With ram speeds that outperform the competition.

PRODUCTIVITY | One of the fastest cycle times in the market. Up to 35% faster cycle times that hydraulic press brakes.

INTRINSICALLY SAFE | The upper beam is mounted on springs and thus in the event of failure it moves upwards.

USER FRIENDLY | Very easy to commission and operate.

EASY TO USE | The unique Gizelis software (under development) offers utmost simplicity even for complex tasks.

FLEXIBLE | Featuring 600mm daylight and 350mm stroke-the electrical press brake is suitable for a very wide range of applications.

ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS | No oil to leak, to exchange or dispose.






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